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Our Labour of Love is Local

We're lovingly building up British-made brands in every village, town and city from John O' Groats to Land's End, so we can save our stellar handcrafting skills, support our gloriously diverse communities, shine a (very bright but energy efficient) light on all-things-local, and tiptoe onto UK high streets with the daintiest carbon footprint you ever did see.

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Let's Make it British, Together

Whether you want to grow your British-made brand, get your goods rolling off a UK- based factory production line, or get your products in front of more shoppers, we’ve got you covered.

Build it _ Developing your British brand

Build It

From your first lightbulb-moment to the minute you publish your online shop, we proudly support made in UK creative businesses to develop, market and sell with ease.

Make it Simple
Connect it _ British brand founders networking with UK manufacturers

Connect it

We use our expertise to open up UK manufacturing doors for you and your brand. We want factories overseas to be your very last resort (and not your first port of call!)

Make it Local
Sell it _ Promote your UK-made brand

Sell it

We put your brand in front of online shopping folks who want quality craftship, a smaller carbon footprint, and to wave a Union Jack of support for all-brands-homegrown.

Make it Green
Build it

For British Brand Founders

We've heard whispers of great products born at kitchen tables up and down the country. We’ll help you grow your made in UK brand from a jolly good idea to lolly in the bank.

I Need Business Building Help

British Brand Accelerator

Join our 6-month British Brand Accelerator for creative small businesses and get A-to-Z help to develop, market and sell your UK-made products the right way.

I Need a UK Manufacturer

Manufacturer Directory

Know what you want to produce but no idea how to make enough to scale? We’ve got details for over 120 trusted British manufacturers in our directory.

I Need to Be Seen and Found

Make it British Membership

There’s a few good reasons why some of our Make it British members have been with us for over 10 years now. Our dedicated promotion of your brand is one of them.

Connect it

The Membership That Keeps Your Machines Making

If you own a factory, design studio, kiln, mill, or workshop that makes products in the UK, we give you the online visibility your manufacturing business needs to stay competitive, and continue the vital making work you do. Sign up and link up with manufacture-hunting British brand founders who’ll keep your machines whirring!

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Sell it

British Brand Spotlight

Get your brand noticed by 150,000 potential shoppers every month when you join the Make it British membership.

Dipii Stark - Silk pyjamas and scarves brand

Dipii Stark

A luxury accessories brand crafting the most luxurious silk pyjamas, scarves and pocket squares inspired by her love of quintessential British gardens.

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Studio Sewn - Development Studio

Studio Sewn

A product development studio, cut and sew contractor that specialises in production with zero MOQ's. Proudly manufacturing in Gloucester.

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Hettie - British-made accessories and home furnishings brand


Born and manufactured in the UK, Hettie combines beautiful design with family-conscious values and ethical responsibility to create homewares and accessories.

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Skirting 4 U - Home improvement skirting boards brand

Skirting 4 U

Manufacturers of bespoke MDF skirting boards, wall panelling and other interior mouldings to improve your home. Choose from over 30 designs in their catalogue.

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With traffic volumes only rivalled by the M25 on a Bank Holiday weekend, you can expect the kind of business-boosting web traffic that’ll give your British-made brand valuable visibility online.

Best of British Brands | Make it British | Made in UK

Made in UK - Browse the Best British-Made Buys

Every time you shop local, someone in your community benefits from your buy (and does a joyful jig in their front room).

Each month we scour the UK for standout British-made products so you can shop for the best brands, (and keep your dough doing good, for people who make good things).

Make it British Podcast with Kate Hills | Discussing Made in UK

Tune Into the Sound of Support

Make it British founder, Kate Hills, takes you on a behind the scenes tour of UK manufacturing (from the comfort of your car/office/morning dog walk) and teaches you how to develop and grow your British-made brand.

Catch Make it British on the Big Screen

Tune in on YouTube to watch as Kate is joined by the founders of brands making in the UK, as well as offering tips and tricks to launch your own successful UK-made brand in video form.

British Brand Accelerator

If you’ve got a vision for where you want to take your British-made brand, but you’re juggling more balls than a clown at a country fair, it can feel like an impossible task to realise your dream business.


By matchmaking founders with factories, we help brand-building people (like you) connect with people who can make your products for you, and half the time it takes to launch a UK-made product.


Want your small creative business to hurtle from plan to production faster than a high-speed rail? Apply for 6-months of intensive brand-building, 1-2-1 and group coaching with Make it British founder Kate Hills.

Make in British Founder Kate Hills | Made in UK

Word on the Street (Is Rather Good)

Make it British Testimonials

I’ve seen a lot of traffic to my website ever since becoming a (Make it British) member. You won’t regret signing up one bit.

-Geoff Stocker, Geoff Stocker

Make it British Membership Testimonial by Geoff Stocker

So many customers come to my website from Make it British because they are searching for a British-made brand.

-Jo Jenkins, Roundabout Childrenswear

Make it British Membership Testimonial by Jo Jenkins of Roundabout Childrenswear

I can very much recommend working with Kate if you’re wanting to make stuff in the UK. She is an encyclopedia of British manufacturing.

- Brant Richards, HebTroCo

Kate Hills Mentoring Programme Testimonial from Brant Richards of HebTroCo

Working with Kate has improved my focus, built up my confidence and helped me lay the foundations for a successful business.

Jennifer Christie, Wandering Coast Collective

Kate Hills Mentoring Programme Testimonial from Jennifer Christie of The Wandering Coast Collective
Kate Hills founder of Make it British | Made in UK

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